short film

Guerre Naive

Directing. Background and Character Designing, Compositing

A little boy dreams of winning his town’s annual race but quickly discovers that the reality of this race is very different to the one he had initially dreamt of. 

Awards and nominations.

- 1st prize at Pune International Film Festival (INDIA)
- finalist diploma at CICDAF 2008 (CHINA)
- finalist diploma at Prémio ZON (PORTUGAL)
- Chosen by Dreamworks' Head of International Outreach, Shelley Page, as a part of the selection for "year’s best animation from around the world".
- selected for the Pictoplasma 2010 festival and DVD
- rights bought for airing by CANAL+ FRANCE on the shows "Mensomadaire" and "Les Surprises"
- selected @ OneDotZero (UK)
- selected @ AnimaBasauri (SPAIN)
- selected @ A-Tube The Global Animation Festival (ITALIA)
- selected @ Rencontres écoles 2008 — Paris ACM SIGGRAPH
- selected @ Festival court devant 2008 (Paris, FRANCE)
- selected @ Future Film (ITALIA)
- selected @ Forum des Images, Carrefour de l'animation (FRANCE)
- selected @ Festival International Clermont-Ferrand (FRANCE)
- selected @ Premio Ciutat de Palma de Animation 2008(most voted film online)(SPAIN)
- selected @ SAND-FILM 2008(UK)
- selected @ Festival Cinema d'Animation 2009, Bègles (FRANCE)
- selected @ OnCine, Sesimbra (PORTUGAL)
- selected @ Lucania Film Festival (ITALIA)